Laughing Mind deliver Collaboration, Community and Project systems for connected thinking across time, place and purpose, keeping you powered with smart, portable clean tech energy products. Our business is a daily innovation laboratory for Low Carbon Living, applied to the Digital Realm, blending our role as Atlassian Experts with services powered by our Goal Zero portable solar products

Experienced in the creation, curation and growth of knowledge communities and project management platforms, we connect, coach and support geographically dispersed teams for visible, productive and transparent projects; workplace flexibility and telework/telecommuting innovations. 

For fun, we like to mix all this together and put on Maker focused events like LumenMotion, our evening festival of Light, Creativity and Human Motion where STEAM skills (Science Tech Engineering Arts + Maths) merge to create new ways of playing and building community in open spaces - its part of our DigitalMakers Collection.

You can read more about us at our main site: or how we use these in our work at our Blog but if you're after some of our Goal Zero products or cool things for the Digital Nomad in your life, you're in the right place! Browse away.

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