Yeti1250 with Boulder30 panels
Boulder 30 panels
Yeti powering an electric bike with sunshine
GoalZero Yeti1250 Solar Generator Kit


GoalZero Yeti1250 Solar Generator Kit

From smartphones to refrigerators and everything in between, the Yeti 1250 is a fuel-free generator and mobile energy hub, flexible and portable for any occasion. Whether you're off grid camping, travelling in the RV, experiencing a power outage at home or want to source some of your home energy needs from sunshine, this kit offers the power to get the job done.
It’s silent, safe, and easy to use indoors or out. The Yeti 1250 provides clean, self-sustaining power generation from the wall, car, or sun. We run mobile offices, charge eBikes, power a range of smart-devices and trade displays solely from our own Yeti, providing us with a renewable power source for mobile office operations. Our customers love the way they can buy into solar sourced energy, but in a portable form, perfect for keeping your own power bills down and making solar achievable for renters who want to lighten their energy footprint and get a bit of their own energy autonomy happening.
Key Features
  • 2 Boulder 30 modular solar panels, able to be daisy chained into a bigger array with more panels
  • Roll-cart included for easy transportation
  • Multiple AC power, 12V DC, USB outputs
  • Float-charges and can remain plugged in at home for emergency back-up power
  • Chain up to four rechargers for extra storage capacity and add up to four solar panels for quicker recharge times. With our patented technology you can grow your energy hub as your needs evolve