LAL350 in area and lantern modes
LAL350 mounted in tent at night
Light-A-Life 350 LED Lantern
LAL350 in compact mode
LAL350 plugged into Sherpa recharger
Light-A-Life 350 LED Lantern


Light-A-Life 350 LED Lantern


Weather resistant and able to be daisy chained for a string of lights, the Light-A-Life 350 builds on the original Light-A-Life formula with two levels of lighting intensity in a reconfigurable housing to change lighting focus from Area to Lantern.

This is a perfect LED solution for spots where a soft lantern type light is desired. String them up around camp, beach, backyard or mobile office easily with the adjustable carabiner and enjoy the night! Generating 350 lumens from only a 4.5W power draw, they're a highly efficient little powerhouse of light, with plenty of mounting options.

No more gas fumes, tricky wicks and fuels to worry about.