Sherpa 100 Kit
Sherpa 100 Kit
Sherpa 100 Kit
Sherpa 100 Kit
Sherpa 100 Kit


Sherpa 100 Kit


The Sherpa 100 Kit represents the latest from Goal Zero in portable lightweight power for a range of digital devices. Able to be recharged from the wall, car or solar panels, it is able to feed power to a range of your adventure gear from either the ultra-fast smart USB, a 12V port for lights, and an innovative port designed specifically for laptops. A detachable AC inverter helps with charging SLR Cameras, laptops and other wall devices. With a bundled Nomad 20 fold up solar panel, your next solar powered adventure is ready to go. You can even use it in combination with our Light A Life lanterns for portable, rugged long-lasting lighting.

The Sherpa 100 Power Pack embodies the latest in lithium ion battery efficiency in a compact, rugged + lightweight format with a versatile array of ports to cover your mobile digital device needs.

Key Features
  • Compact design, huge power storage
  • USB, 12V, laptop and AC wall port outputs
  • Don't need to store power? Nomad 20 Solar Panel charges USB/12V devices directly as fast as the wall

About the kit

Charge by Wall: 3hrs

Charge by Vehicle: 3hrs

Charge by Nomad 20: 10hrs

Battery capacity: 98W, 10Ah

Kit weight: 2.1kg